Conns Water Solutions, an industry leader in water systems and solutions identify 5 areas where businesses can save water and in effect money by improving the water systems that they use. This type of upgrade is specifically relevant in South Africa at the moment with up to 70% of businesses being affected by the ongoing water crisis and the required lower usage requirements

1. Get a water audit

Companies that use massive amounts of water should consider obtaining professional help in reducing their water consumption. A commercial water audit examines how much water a business uses and provides detailed information on where opportunities lie for using less (and saving money). Audits can also identify costly water leaks that should be repaired.

2. Go off grid

With the constant escalation in municipal water prices the safest long-term solution for businesses in South Africa is to remove themselves from the municipal water grid especially as a primary source for their water. Boreholes, rain tanks and even grey water with the appropriate water filtration treatment solutions are all components which allow your business to go off grid and especially for businesses that rely on the water for their existence such as manufacturing companies, fabricators and food processing plants this could be an extremely important step in securing your businesses’ long-term future

3. Water-wise solutions

A low-flow tap aerator, for instance, emits less than 40% of water per minute compared with standard taps. Older toilets use nearly 15 litres of water per flush, while newer high-efficiency ones use 6 litres. And pre-rinse spray valves – the hoses that restaurants use to rinse dirty dishes – output 25% of water per minute compared with standard valves. Low flow shower heads are also available to reduce water use while showering

4. Use reclaimed water

Re-claimed or grey water has now become a commodity which is valuable to your organisation.  According to Mark Madlener CEO of Conns Water Solutions “Grey water can be used in a number of different areas in your business including irrigation and sanitation especially when treated with our various solutions.”

5. Processed water recycling system

Discarding of processed water in these drought ridden times is simply unacceptable; it is bad for the environment and costly for business. Modern technology has produced fantastic greywater recycling systems to ensure that your water is fully put to use as a business you cannot afford not to have one in place as this will head to you directly in the pocket and potentially even lead to job losses.

6. On site borehole water treatment plant – with financing option to reduce capex

While the argument to install a borehole system is universally excepted as the desire to go off grid is a business concept that businesses almost cannot avoid, it is costly especially with the initial capital layout we now have a financed solution which almost does not affect the business on a month-to-month basis and has massive advantages in the long term from a productivity, production and job security point of view. It will lead to immediate savings and a tailored solution can be found for your business to ensure that initial capital expenditure is minimized

7. Floating covers to reduce water loss through evaporation and wind (also talk about algae growth which blocks filters)

Evaporation especially in the long dry and hot summer is a huge source of water loss in the agricultural and industrial sector. More and more cover solutions are coming into the market to minimize evaporation and try and go some way to securing water supply. One of the main issues with cover technology is that it is a breeding ground for algae which clogs filters and pipes and often creates more problems than solutions. The Hexa-cover is a leading new technology from Europe which locks together in place and does not allow algae growth between the components of the cover. Leading technology like this is crucial in a fight for water stability

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As the reliance, cost and value of water grows for businesses a solution is needed to sustain your long-term water requirements. There are a number of solutions available however a tailored approach is required to ensure that your business derives the maximum benefits available to you. Conns Water Solutions offers a tailored and unique approach to providing an optimum strategy for your water for more information contact us.