Farms and Businesses are deeply concerned about the water crisis and possible “water shedding” that will take place and potentially have a negative impact on production and ultimately lead to job loss. This is not however limited to the Western Cape while water as a commodity has never been so rare and valuable.

The manufacturing of food and beverages, textiles and chemicals would be severely affected by water restrictions or limited supply. This would mean that businesses would need to cut back on production, which will lead to a loss in profit and force business into making some difficult decisions.

All businesses share the same concerns that they are too reliant on municipal water. If there is not sufficient rain in the near future and if the consumption is not limited, we will see water shedding come Day Zero for a lot longer than many envision.

In the Cape, The City of Cape Town requested managers of commercial properties to ensure that the monthly consumption of municipal water is reduced by 20% with immediate effect to assist with the looming crisis but this is in line with global concerns around over use of resources and the desire to be less reliant on the grid.

Cape Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Janine Myburgh has asked businesses to reduce their water usage when flushing toilets. “The big problem is toilets; unfortunately we do not have options available to home-owners such as using shower water to flush toilets. “We urge all our members to consult professionals on how to reduce their water usage and where possible install new water-wise and water saving equipment.”

“Measures like this will continue to save water in future years since we can expect water to become more expensive and supply to be problematic for some time to come.” Said Myburgh

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